Book Review: How to be a Good Wife

January 26, 2013  /   By poppygee  /   No Comments

Like the Scandinavian landscape depicted in Emma Chapman’s debut novel, the props Chapman uses to tell her story are sparse – few characters, concise descriptions, brief details – but the effect is startling. The dominant story line is a chilling …

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Made in Tasmania: The Hunter, a film

January 20, 2013  /   By poppygee  /   No Comments

One of my favourite scenes in a movie is in The Hunter, a story based on Julia Leigh’s novel of the same name, set in a remote area of south-western Tasmania. For the first fifteen minutes of the movie, there …

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Hooking a writer’s imagination

January 19, 2013  /   By poppygee  /   No Comments

There is an assumption that some first novels are semi-autobiographical. I’ve definitely seen this in unpublished manuscripts, over the years, in my own work and in the various writers groups or manuscript reading swaps that I’ve done. I’ve written about five bad …

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First book reviews

January 12, 2013  /   By poppygee  /   No Comments

  The hardworking people at Reagan Arthur Books in New York have just sent me several new book reviews of Bay of Fires. Two were good, one not-so-good! Ages ago a friend asked me if I was worried about being …

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