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Bay of Fires

Nothing stays still on the beach…

A year after a teenage girl disappears, the near naked body of a beautiful Swiss woman washes ashore on a wild beach, deep in the national park on the east coast of Tasmania. Several people own summer houses in the tiny Bay of Fires village nearby, a few others camp beside the lagoon: it is an idyllic holiday community until everyone begins to turn on each other.

Secrets are hard to keep in this close-knit village: the intimacy of other people’s lives provides nourishment. Sarah Avery has just quit her job on a Queensland barramundi farm to return to her family’s shack when the dead woman is found. Newspaper reporter Hall Flynn arrives to investigate the crime story. As the residents take things into their own hands, time is running out to find the murderer.

Everyone is a suspect… and everyone is hiding something.

Was it the history academic who knows the area, above and below ground, particularly well? Did the affluent shopkeeper use his expensive motor boat to dispose of the body? What was witnessed by the disfigured man who names his cats after fairytale characters? From the seductive American widow with her lonely son, to the angry guesthouse owner and the volatile campers, everyone has something to fear as the mystery unravels.

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